Sunday, October 30, 2011

Help me !!! T__T

wahh now semakin menggigihkan diri ni..
semangat nak ubah suasana dalam blog ni..

actually nak mintak tolong..(heee wat malu je)
ada sesiapa tak tahu kat mana nak cari
background / template yang cute+bergaya+gempak+macam2 lagi lahh!!
n graphics..

dah pening kepala search kat google..
lain dicari lain plak yang aku jumpe..
so kengkawan ade tak ideas nak cari kat mana??
cik yana,
cik wany
heee mintak tolong lahhh!!!
Terima Kasih kerana sudi membaca, chow shin shan ^__~


Wany Zaman said...

aimi, crk je pape wallpaper yg kau suka then upload la kat background .. takyah crk template tuk blog pon xpe..

mEyAmI said...

thanxx wany..
im trying..
huhu baru blajar blog :)

yana sopian said...

cari lu wallpaper yg cun2 kat google n save laa kt desktop or mne2..
ko g kt design - template designer - bckground - bckground image - upload image yg save td.. DONE.. :)

Anonymous said...

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mEyAmI said...

@yana sopian

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Anonymous said...

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